"Orlamunde" Medieval mount 1360-1440 A.D. (Code: EM-40)


Mounts for historical belt. 

These mounts were made by the picture of the tomb of medieval knight Otto von Orlamunde. They fit with the buckle EB-27 and the strap end EE-18.

Mounts are square-shaped, each side is 28 mm long.

We offer for sale bronse replicas of famous medieval belt from the bas-relief of Otto von Orlamunde.

Dated: 14th - 15th century.

Region: Western Europe

Minimal quantity for one order - 5 pcs

In the absence of goods in stock you can order it and we will cast during 10-21 days

coating of metal:
Price: 4.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.0095 Kg
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