Fleur de Lys Belt mounts 1300-1500 A.D. (Code: EM-34)


Mounts for medieval belt decoration. Made in fleur-de-lys shape. This mount is 20 mm long and 15 mm wide. There is two pins on the back side, for attaching it to the leather or fabric.

Suitable for re-enactment costume of Middle Ages.

Golden flower of lily, fleur de lys, was symbol of kings' authority in medieval France. The legend says that Frank king Hlodvig because of water lilies found a ford in a Rhine. He crossed the river and won the battle. Another king, Louis VII de France, put this symbol on his shield. And there is theory that word Lys is acronym of the Louis.

Original archaeological finding is dated by 14 -15 centirues, but this symbol was  oficiallyused since 12th century.

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