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Medieval Tents

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299.00 EUR
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Medieval Tents - marching home for reenactor.
Based on the historical sources.
Size: 1.8 * 1,6 * 3,8 m
Comments (0)
299.00 EUR
plus shipping
Materials: 100% cotton fabric
Twisted cord ties with leather lining.

Medieval Tents - marching home for reenactor.

The problem is, where to live at the live history event?

Decision - Medieval Tents!

Our tents will give you a lot of space for sleeping plase? as well as for reenactment stuff. Design is based on the historical sources, but we use modern sewing technology and waterproof fabric. Fabric density give it a medium water resistant and does not spoil the appearance of a medieval camp. Our historical tents are appropriate to high standards of authenticity.

Day in the life of a Saxon tent

1. In the morning - protects you from rain and snow

2. Day - gives you shade and coolness

3. In the evening - a comfortable place to sleep and rest

4. Medieval Tents can serve as cloakroom, mother and child room, a warehouse for clothes or weapons.


For an optional, since July 2016, you can order other sizes / another fabric / another configuration / different color...



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